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Mainely Stitching (Barbara)
Fave colours: Natural, warm colours like browns, greens, off-whites, rust/orange
Fave designers: A few of them are Carriage House Samplings, The Workbasket, Sheepish Designs, The Goode Huswife
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: I love primitives - not to be confused with country/folksy designs like those by Jeremiah Junction. I also love Scandinavian designs for their bold colours and naive simplicity
Fave thread types/brands: DMC is always the reliable fallback, but I love Vikki Clayton silks and overdyed floss from The Dye is Cast, GAST, and Crescent Colors. I'll try anything with pleasure!
Fave fabrics: I love linen. I don't go above 36ct, generally speaking, nor below 32ct. I love lighter colours but not pastels. Some favourites include Purely Primitive by Silkweaver and Hog Wild by R&R fabrics
Any dislikes: I don't care for religious themes, very realistic designs, cutesy/folksy designs, I also do not like pastels
Pets/children: Max (10 Apr 1998), Nicky (2 Feb 2003), Rowen (5 Feb 2004) and my furbabies are Rigby the Dog, Spin the Cat, Gil-Bird and Nachtegaal (Max's bunny)
Birthday: 1 June
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK's that would be enjoyed: I drink herbal teas with gusto and I am one of those rare people who still sends snail mail. Odd buttons or beads always attract my attention. Anything of an interesting shape/texture/colour is interesting. I try to avoid chocolate and my kids steal my fridge magnets.
Fave holidays: Christmas Eve and Easter morning
Holidays not celebrated or liked: We stick to the Judeo-Christian holidays for the most part, so Kwanzaa and other holidays like that aren't celebrated here. I observe the natural holidays (solstices and equinoxes).

Melissa's Ramblings (Melissa/socalstitcher)
Fave colours: My decorating colours are burgundy/wine, navy, sage green
Fave designers: Little House Needleworks, With My Needle, Carriage House Samplings, Blue Ribbon Designs, Country Cottage Needleworks
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Quaker designs, samplers, smalls/accessories
Fave thread types/brands: Hand-dyed cottons or silks - GAST, WDW, Crescent Colors, Vikki's silks, Dinky Dyes
Fave fabrics: Lugana or Jobelan evenweaves or linens (28ct or higher)
Any dislikes: No religious designs please
Pets/children: None at the moment, but I do love bunnies :)
Birthday: 17 February 1964
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK's that would be enjoyed: Anything is fine - I do prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate
Fave holidays: Christmas
Holidays not celebrated or liked: None, but I do not celebrate Christmas or Easter as religious holidays

Mrs Sew and Sew (Clare)
Fave colours: Blues, reds, greys and silver
Fave designers: Carriage House Samplings, Little House Needleworks, Blackbird Designs, Prairie Schooler, Brenda Keyes
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Samplers, topiary, acorns
Fave thread types/brands: I am getting together a collection of WDW and GAST
Fave fabrics: 32ct linens
Any dislikes: Dragons, cute disney
Pets/children: 2 children, daughter 19 and son 12, plus 2 cats Smudge and Ginger
Wishlist URL: N/A
Any small RAK's that would be enjoyed: Pencils, tea, notelets, postcards, bookmarks
Fave holidays: Autumn and Christmas
Holidays not celebrated or liked: N/A

Mundane Musings By Me (Virginia/Vee)
Fave colours: Orange, green, pink, beige, red (I love autumn colours)
Fave designers: Paula Vaughn, Teresa Wentzler
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: I do not really have a style - anything that catches my eye!
Fave thread types/brands: DMC
Fave fabrics: 28ct, linen is hard on my hands for some reason so I do try to avoid linen when possible
Any dislikes: Not a big fan of lettering
Pets/children: 2 cats
Birthday: 3 August
Wishlist URL: N/A
Any small RAK's that would be enjoyed: I would leave that up to the sender!
Fave holidays: Thanksgiving and Halloween
Holidays not celebrated or liked: None

Muppet Moods (Cathy/cathymk)
Fave colours: Red, blue, purple (ha - a combo of red and blue), pink and I am a bit partial to green too
Fave designers: Chatelaine is my current absolute fave (this changes daily), I also like Teresa Wentzler, Carriage House Samplings, Nostalgic Needle, Little House Needleworks, Little by Little, Lizzie*Kate, Bent Creek, Mirabilia, Long Dog, Calico Crossroads, Heaven and Earth Designs to name just a few - I'm a bit of everything kinda gal!
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: At the moment I am really into "smalls"
Fave thread types/brands: Gloriana, Dinky Dyes, Threadgatherer, still collecting WDW, GAST and Crescent Colors too
Fave fabrics: I like hand-dyed fabrics from Lakeside and R&R in the more serviceable neutral colours
Any dislikes: Anything too cutesy cute - disney and precious moments are anathema to me
Pets/children: A dog (Max) and a cat (Felix)
Birthday: 23 March
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK's that would be enjoyed: Love to receive postcards and blank greetings cards/stationery, I like pens
Fave holidays: Christmas (my birthday - I usually take annual leave for the day!!), Shrove Tuesday and Easter
Holidays not celebrated or liked: We don't do Thanksgiving in Australia, I celebrate the 4th of July as that is my favourite nephew's birthday

My Favourite Things (KarenV)
Fave colours: Autumn tones - brown, rust, gold, olive green, also dusky pink and Christmas colours
Fave designers: Blackbird Designs, Carriage House Samplings, The Drawn Thread, JBW Designs. I tend to stitch designs because I like them, rather than because they're by a specific designer though, so my wishlist is the best place to start!
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: Samplers, needlework smalls, Quakers, primitive designs (like Bent Creek, Heart in Hand, Trilogy, etc but not Lizzie*Kate), heart-themed designs
Fave thread types/brands: Gentle Art Sampler Threads, Crescent Colors, Gloriana Silks, Vikki Clayton silks
Fave fabrics: 32-40ct linen, particularly Lakeside Linens in neutral/sampler colours. I don't like stitching on anything less than 32ct.
Any dislikes: Cute (eg Precious Moments), cartoonish, religious, fantasy, floral designs (eg Silver Lining), realistic styles. Not particularly keen on blues/purples and I don't stitch Hardanger. Also, please, no chocolates/sweets as I can't eat them, in fact it's probably best to avoid anything edible!
Pets/children: 2 black cats, Thomas and Maisie
Birthday: 17 February
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK's that would be enjoyed: Fat quarters of patchwork fabric for finishing, ribbons/trims, buttons, glass-headed pins (for pinkeeps), heart ornaments for my heart wall - can be fabric, metal, ceramic, wooden, etc, Piecemaker's #28 needles, needlework accessories like thread rings or thread winders. Ooh and for anyone in Australia/NZ, I like the Phryne Fisher books by Kerry Greenwood and have only read the first one so far :)
Fave holidays: Christmas
Holidays not celebrated or liked: Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, St Patrick's Day, Easter
Stitching Album: I thought it might be a good idea to include a link to my stitching album as well, as it's a good indication of the types of designs/fabrics/colours I like and also a record of what I've stitched which might help when choosing charts - Click here.

Mylene's Blog (Mylene)
Fave colours: Blue, green, dark pink
Fave designers: I like Shepherd's Bush, Little House Needleworks, Indigo Rose, actually too many to list ...
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: N/A
Fave thread types/brands: DMC, WDW, GAST (these are what I have tried so far, others have to try first)
Fave fabrics: Evenweave, linen and aida, and I prefer 28ct/14ct, 32ct, 36ct
Any dislikes: N/A
Pets/children: No pets, two kids age 11 and 7
Birthday: 24 December
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK's that would be enjoyed: No chocolates please otherwise any
Fave holidays: Christmas
Holidays not celebrated or liked: N/A
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