Friday, December 01, 2006

Kitty Couture (Isabelle)
Fave colours: Blue! All kinds of blues. I also like all pastel colours in general (especially pink, mauve, cream), but also the deep reds of redwork
Fave designers: Shepherd's Bush, The Drawn Thread, The Victoria Sampler, Little House Needleworks, Blackbird Designs, Fancy Work, many more but I'm pretty open - I guess from the list you've got the idea of what 'kind' of designers I like ;)
Fave styles of designs/stitching styles: The above list of designers may already have given you a smattering ... I like samplers or sampler-styled designs, the quaker style, primitive/folksy designs. I love specialty stitches too. Thanks to Anne, I'm also developing an interest in canvaswork :)
Themes: I'm a cat crazy lady at heart ;) and we do have a bit of a serious cat fetish going in our flat
Fave thread types/brands: Any! I love hand-dyed or variegated threads - I love all thread weights - and I love experimenting ;)
Fave fabrics: Linen/evenweave, 28ct (my favourite count) or 32ct (I love the look of higher-count pieces, but stitching them tends to give me a migraine ... guess I should get a special lamp). Again, I like pastels, but am also very fond of neutral, natural colours
Any dislikes: Aida (I mean, stitching on aida - I do find designs stitched on aida cute, but I don't like stitching it myself). I love cats, but "Victorian" or realistic-looking cats freak me out. I don't like cutesy or cartoon-like designs. I'm not into fantasy.
Pets/children: A 3-yr-old half-Siamese angora kitty, Violette - she often seems to believe that she's our baby, not our cat ;)
Birthday: 4 May 1981
Wishlist URL: Click here
Any small RAK's that would be enjoyed: Tea (sachets or loose), stationery, fabric, ribbon/lace, cute little soft toys (kitties or sheep especially, but anything goes), stitching/sewing magazines - even cute sewing patterns! I know they often have $1 pattern sales in US LNS's and that is pretty amazing as opposed to our prices here. My sewing pattern size is 8-10. I love sewing cute dresses and tops/blouses :) (I really like New Look patterns for instance, but that's just an example)
Fave holidays: Christian holidays
Holidays not celebrated or liked: I'm a Christian believer, but Seb isn't. I do love Christian symbolism (sheep/shepherds especially, and Nativity scenes) but anything too overtly religious would not be appreciated by my other half ;) and I'm therefore not sure I'd be displaying it :)
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At 6:39 am, Blogger The Cabbage Rose

Dear Isabelle, We need to chat! I love your spunk and your choices of colors and designers. Check out my bio., too. I have a chart on your Wishlist you may still want. Deb in FL